We bring different perspectives of the world together through our festivals and projects

Our festivals can happen anywhere: from theatres and galleries, to streets, city parks, heritage sites and forests.

Through our festivals and wider projects, we celebrate the internationalism of our city. We collaborate with Bristol and the South West’s residents to create unique artwork about this place, this time, and premiere this work to global audiences. We showcase Bristol and the South West to the world and vice versa.

We invite exceptional local, national and international artists to share stories that inspire, surprise and act as a catalyst for change. We sit at the heart of a network of live art organisations at the forefront of innovative contemporary arts practice. It is our great pleasure to encourage artists and audiences to think, to dream, to do things they have not yet imagined.

By premiering, commissioning and producing radical artistic voices in our home city of Bristol and the South West and across the world, we nurture an internationally significant live art ecosystem for artists, audiences and participants. We are committed to seeking out un-heard voices, challenging preconceptions and institutionalised practices, to ensure the world’s most urgent stories get heard.  

Here is a snapshot of the provocative and memorable events we have produced across the city and the world over the last 20 years.

Rachael Young’s Out