In Between Time’s Artist Seed Fund

During these times, more than ever before, the arts and cultural sector has an opportunity to work collectively.

In response to what artists and creatives were telling us during the pandemic, we launched In Between Time’s Artist Seed Fund to co-create a new way of working, that might start to change the power imbalance between artist and organisation.

All these artists and creatives have been hard at work. Adapting, creating, shifting, developing and changing the art that moves them, us and you. Over forthcoming months as part of our IBT21 The Rupture expanded programme you will find their podcasts, apps, cabarets, documentaries, filmed live works, participatory processes and online workshops.

The Artist Seed Fund is in the hands of the artist or creator. It can be used to support research and development, audience engagement, career development and training, or as match for funding applications. Of course most importantly it can be used to create incredible live art!

Meet some of In Between Time’s current Artist Seed Fund artists and creatives below. More information on the work they are producing and others who will join them coming soon.

Meet the Seed Fund

An Artists Contract for a New World has been created in collaboration with artists in response to the pandemic. It seeks to value and prioritise the creativity and resilience of artists.

An Artists Contract for a New World PDF

Some People Climb Up, Sylvia Rimat © Laura Montag