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Thank you to all the amazing organisations and individuals who support our work.

We couldn’t do it without you…

In Between Time is a charity raising funds to produce accessible and inclusive experiences that bring people together. The support we receive is vital and anything you can give will make all the difference.

We are committed to supporting and developing people to produce radical art and ideas. We kick start careers and produce defining moments for incredible artists, producers and local people. We collaborate with and encourage public engagement in art works of courage, relevance and audacity across the UK and the world.

In the face of numerous challenges, artists and small arts organisations across the UK and the world, react with dynamism and fervour that continually astounds us all. For survival in unprecedented times, and to enable us to continue to create accessible, inclusive, life-affirming artistic experiences into the future we need your support more than ever.

Join us and help enable radical artistic work and social change.

Your support will:

· Provide access to inclusive artistic experiences developed with and for local communities

· Provide resources to artists and local people such as workshops, residencies, materials

· Enable mentoring and professional development opportunities for early-career artists and producers and those who otherwise do not have peer and industry support

· Support the commission and exhibition of inspiring artist’s work

· Enable creative collaborations between local and international artists

'In Between Time has helped to widen my reach by giving me access to programmers and venues from the UK, Europe and further afield.' RACHAEL YOUNG, NEW BLOODS ARTIST 2017

IMAGE CREDIT: Dancing With Strangers From England to Calais, Instant Dissidence © [email protected]