Queer School of Live Art

We are excited to announce the Queer School of Live Art

As part of IBT21 The Rupture, The Queer School of Live Art (QSoLA) is a programme that focuses on the incredible work of LGBTQIA+ live artists. We, alongside a host of pioneers and changemakers, seek to create a space that we cannot find. 

Together, the QSoLA cohort will excavate In Between Time’s rich archive for inspiration, experience immersive workshops with queer artists and find support and celebration in a new community.  QSoLA has been created to support anyone who wants to learn about live art or explore their early practice further. 

This fully-funded programme will culminate in a live performance as part of IBT21 The Rupture expanded festival for the future. 

QsoLA has been developed and produced by IBT Associate Curator Beth Palmer and In Between Time. The workshops will explore costume, drag, movement, and queer live art history and enable up to ten artists to learn, explore and grow their live art practice.


Trajal Harrell - (M)imosa / Twenty looks or Paris is burning at the Judson Church (M) (IBT15)

Main image: Ivo Dimchev - Lili Handel (IBT13)



Narcissister is a Brooklyn-based artist and performer. Wearing mask and merkin, she works at the intersection of contemporary dance, visual art, and activism. Her art practice of live performance, collage, sculpture, video, film, and experimental music has been presented work worldwide at festivals, nightclubs, museums, and galleries to much acclaim.

Mamoru Iriguchi

Mamoru is an award-winning performance maker and theatre designer with a background in zoology. The Edinburgh-based artist's performance works explore 2D and 3D, liveness and pre-recorded-ness, gender and sexuality, fairytales and evolution theories.

Mark Jeffery

Mark Jeffery is a Chicago based performance/installation artist, curator and Associate Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Mark co–founded ATOM-r in 2012 a performance/technology group where he is a choreographer, and performer in the company. He is the organizer of IN>TIME, a Tri Annual performance festival hosted by multiple venues in Chicago. Mark was a former member of the internationally renowned Goat Island Performance Group from 1996 – 2009.

Mariana Trench

Mariana Trench is a Bristol-based drag artist. They create sometimes comedic, oftentimes moving and always enjoyable performances, usually based around vocal performance.

Marcin Gawin

Marcin is a Polish, interdisciplinary artist using participatory performance, and multi-sensory stimuli to explore carnality, occultism, and queerness.

Dr Paul Hurley

Paul Hurley works in performance and other media, across human and more-than-human worlds. He is interested in animals, ritual and silence, and in bringing queer humour to artistic endeavour. Through the creation of actions and encounters, he tries to make meaningful space for becoming in the world. He has worked in galleries, theatres and public spaces internationally, both solo and in collaboration with other artists, film makers and academics.

Buoys Buoys Buoys

Buoys Buoys Buoys is a Swansea-born bard. He's on a mission to build joyous spectacles, examining the intersection of working class Welsh folkculture, magic, and queer masculinity. Drawing from the carnivalesque and camp, he's retelling mythologies through music and public play.

Tom Marshman

Tom has been a practising artist for 21 years, and has produced over 60 projects, across many mediums, including - museum audio-tours, theatre & cabaret. An overarching theme of Tom's work is that of the outsider particularly regarding the LGBTQ+ experience. 

Rachael Clerke

Rachael Clerke is a Bristol-based artist working across many mediums. She makes artworks that sit somewhere on the edge of live art and community infrastructure; playful experiments about what real life might look like if we were less concerned with what real life 'should' look like.