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Informed by global realities and with internationalism coursing through our veins, IBT17 was our bravest festival yet.

8-12 Feb 2017

Bristol past

A close up photograph of a man wearing vr headset goggles and a face mask. The lighting is dark blue.

The Lockdown Resolution

A unique 360° video and live audio performance created entirely during the pandemic. Join three incredible young people from Bristol…

14-17 July 2021



The Joy Project

Bristol artist and Creative Exchange Lab Alumni Muneera Pilgrim has been researching co-creation and collaborating with women in Bristol to…

Bristol current

A man with a face made of lights stands in a cave which contains lots of tiny lights

IBT19 Summit

Our first step in radically reconsidering how to make an International Festival.

11 - 13 Oct 2019

Bristol past

Panel: How Can Live Art Unf**k The World

Join this unconventional panel comprising members of the Live Art UK network of programmers, producers and presenters and a few…

11 Oct 2019


Bristol Past

Person stands in a dark room full of tiny yellow lights

We Are Warriors

A communal act of resistance. For all those whose voice has ever been silenced.

11-13 Oct 2019

Redcliffe Caves

Bristol Past