The Joy Project

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Pleasure, joy and relaxation become a form of resistance in a society that says we have to be working all the time. This is especially true for women when living in a society that doesn’t value us. Muneera PIlgrim

Join Poet and Resident Artist Muneera in public workshops, artworks and online happenings. Muneera will invite you and yours to create and experience joy.

These intimate workshops, centred around poetry and the individual are birthed from the women of Bristol. More details to be announced.

You can find out about the pilot Joy Project here.

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  • About the artist

    Muneera is Resident Artist and Researcher on IBT’s We Are Bristol, a collaboration with community organisations Eastside Community TrustAmbition Lawrence Weston and Bristol residents.

    She is an artist, cultural producer, writer and mental health worker invested in re-centring people who are left on the margins and telling stories that are rarely told, rarely listened to, and rarely believed.

    Muneera took part in our 2019 Artist Development Programme Creative Exchange Lab and represented IBT at PuSh Festival in Vancouver in Feb 2020.