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Some People Climb Up

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Dedicated time and effort has been made to make this experience as accessible as possible.

‘The calm instilled by Sylvia Rimat’s gentle and immersive woodland audio-walk is potentially so restorative it should be part of every school’s extramural plans and feature on everyone’s to do list.’ Review Stage Talk Magazine, Simon Bishop

Performance, neuroscience and trees combine to create a captivating playful audio-walk through Leigh Woods.

A playful, immersive and deeply human audio-walk through Leigh Woods, exploring our connectivity with the woodland around us. The App is based on the widely acclaimed sell-out audio walk ‘Some People Climb Up’ which engaged live audiences in autumn 2019. Equipped with smartphone and headphones, individuals can download the geo-located walk and will be guided through Leigh Woods. Listening to Rimat’s voice and an evocative soundscape, they will experience the woodland through all the senses.

The walk is also a journey through the metaphorical forest in our brain, which is populated by neurons that look like tree structures. The work draws on neuroscience, the intricate fungal networks between trees, plant signalling, symbology and our own personal stories related to the woods. The work taps into climate emergency, grief and notions of care beyond the human species.

Based on an original concept created with Cat Jones.

Image © Laura Montag

We have partnered with Citizen Ticket so every ticket sold helps plant trees in the UK

  • About the artist

    Sylvia Rimat creates original performances with a pinch of the surreal. Characterized by playful audience interaction and strong visual aesthetics, her work deals with the human mind, personal histories, animals (imagined and real) and our relationship with the natural world around us. Rimat works with specialists from fields including Neuroscience, Mathematics, Psychology and Biology, in the early development of her shows. Her research culminates in performances that are equally entertaining and thought-provoking.

    Born in Germany, Sylvia Rimat is based in Bristol, UK. Her work manifests in various formats, such as studio shows, one-on-one performance, encounters in public space, site-specific work and most recently digital media. Her work has been presented throughout the UK and internationally, including the British Council Showcase at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, London’s Barbican Centre in SPILL Festival, Cambridge Junction and in Europe (Denmark, Poland, Germany and Spain) and Australia (Sydney Festival, Proximity Festival Perth).

  • FAQs

    This performance is a self-guided audio walk via a web-based app located on a phone and used on location with headphones. This ticket gives you access to a website to download the app. You can undertake the walk at any time you wish. You may use the app as many times as you wish across the year.

    **Please make sure you download the app before you set out for the Leigh Woods location to undertake your audio walk. **

    The starting location is Leigh Woods Forestry England Car Park, off Abbots Leigh Road. The audio walk ends at a different location from where it starts. 

This is outdoors and on uneven ground and sometimes audiences will be required to walk off designated paths. Please wear good comfortable shoes and weatherproof clothing if necessary. Participants are required to walk and stand for the whole duration.