A film by Rachel Davies and Daniel Saul

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‘Quietly, determinedly brilliant’ **** The Stage

A delicate portrait of a person at the end of their life

Winter is a short film about Mandy King-Holmes. Mandy is 50 years old. She lives in York, has two children and four dogs. Mandy also has terminal lung cancer. This powerful, deeply affecting film – created in widescreen triptych form – approaches the ways in which Mandy’s knowledge of time running out effects how she deals with the everyday, impacts upon her plans for the future and her reflection on her own history.

Images © Rachel Davies and Daniel Saul

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    “What the piece did best was to create a quiet space for reflection, and for an encounter with our neighbours, our community, who we may never otherwise meet. A vital reminder that we’re not all so very different, or so very separate after all.” The Stage

    Production details
    FILM-MAKERS: Rachel Davies & Daniel Saul
    QUARTET DIRECTION: Richard Gregory
    QUARTET DESIGNED: Simon Banham
    VERSIONS AVAILABLE: Winter. is available as a standalone film, as seen at IBT17. Or as part of Quarantine’s quartet of 2 performances, an installation and a film, Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. FREIGHT:(Winter. only) depends on how the project is delivered. We can provide or equipment to be provided/hired/sources: 2 x HD projectors; cabling; screen; cardboard boxes; 1 further projector; machine for playback; stereo sound system/PA.
    TOURING AVAILABILITY: June 2017 onwards
    SCALE OF VENUE: Could be cinema, gallery space or studio/main theatre space
    MINIMUM SPACE: approx. 9m x 9m
    TEXT-BASED: Medium, some elements subtitled but not full film
    CONTAINS: some sensitive material

    At IBT17
    VENUE: Arnolfini
    PRODUCTION DATES: 9-19 February 2017
    DURATION: 38 mins, (with other projections, 1 hour loop)

    ADDRESS: Manchester based
    EMAIL: [email protected]

    * Winter. is part of Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring., Quarantine’s extraordinary quartet of performance and film about our relationship with time.

    ** Produced by Quarantine; film-makers are Rachel Davies and Daniel Saul.

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