“A candid, powerful and moving self-portrait which is free from nostalgia, but has a note of real melancholy.” Exeunt Magazine (on Exposure)

How many stories can one body hold?

“I was born on the day the Pope came to Coventry, my home town. In my family my unexpected appearance was perceived as a blessing. A sublime gift.”

Drawing on her experience as a person with albinism, Jo Bannon unpicks a tangle of stories: the stories we tell of ourselves and the stories told about us.

Alba reveals the myths we inherit, the myths we embody, the identities we cannot shake off.

Experience an extraordinary visual poem, created with blinding light, proximity, movement and sound.

Banner Image: Alba, Jo Bannon © Paul Blakemore

Image 1: Alba, Jo Bannon © Manuel Vason, Images 2-4: Alba, Jo Bannon © Paul Blakemore

Joe Bannon is centre photo with white hair covering her face.
Touring Pack (Jo Bannon - Alba)

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