Introducing Beth Palmer, Associate Curator

Beth (They/She) is the IBT Associate Curator for the Queer School of Live Art

They live and work in Bristol and are dedicated to the queer live art scene in the city. Currently completing an MA in Curating, their academic work focuses on queer and feminist epistemologies, performance art and institutional critique. With a focus on championing underrepresented voices in the art world, Beth’s research in curatorial activism and queer curating has acted as the bedrock of their curatorial practice.

Over that past year Beth has been focusing on the needs of Queer live artists in Bristol and how to provide accessible alternative education programmes for the community. She is working with In Between Time to launch the pilot of the Queer School of Live Art.

Beth is currently studying a Curating MA at UWE Bristol.

We asked Beth what their favourite live art events were;

1. As a teenager I spotted Eva & Adele walking around an exhibition, at the time I didn’t know who they were but I remember being completely transfixed

2. Streaming Travis Albanza’s recent show ‘Overflow’ during a lockdown, I really hope I am able to see it in person soon!

3. Performing in Nik Rawlings most recent piece ‘’, together with eight other queer performers we carried Nik’s voice with us as we moved together. Find photos of the performance