Undress / Redress

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'Art that is daring, bold and radical' Disability Arts Online (on Cherophobia)

A woman lies in a bare room being dressed, being undressed.

A live, durational performance that explores the interaction between a female, disabled body and an able bodied male. Essentially familiar and at the same time absurd, the manner in which the man undresses and redresses Lakmaier remains ambiguous. Is this consent or tolerance?

Images from left to right © Joy Stanley and Manuel Vason

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    Production details
    ARTIST: Noëmi Lakmaier
    ORIGINALLY COMMISSIONED BY: Live Arts Development Agency, 2011
    NUMBER OF PERFORMERS: 2 [the artist plus one male performer]
    NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN TOURING: Option 1: 2 people – the artist & Jordan McKenzie, Option 2: 1 person – the artist [male performer needs to be recruited locally – must own a suit and be able to lift the artist 55kg]
    FREIGHT: none
    TOURING AVAILABILITY: March 2017 onwards
    SCALE OF VENUE: Small- medium scale (audiences come and go throughout the performance MINIMUM PERFORMANCE SPACE: 8 m x 8 m
    OTHER VENUE REQUIREMENTS: must be wheelchair accessible
    TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: 3.6 m x 2.4 m wooden space with ceiling needs to be constructed, 2 CCTV cameras need to be installed and liked to 2 identical monitors/screens [monitors/screens need to be provided, artist can provide CCTV cameras and receivers, if compatible.

    At IBT17
    VENUE: Arnolfini
    PRODUCTION DATES: 10-11th February
    PRODUCTION TIMES: 12:00-17:00
    DURATION: 5 hours each day [3x 20 min intervals]
    Co-PERFORMER: Jordan McKenzie

    ADDRESS: London based
    EMAIL: [email protected]
    CONTACT FOR TOURING: Noëmi Lakmaier

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