Neighborhood Projects

During the Summit we are connecting with communities around the city to create artworks asking ‘How do we build a better future?’

These projects are part of We Are Bristol, our programme of work that brings together international live artists with the people of Bristol to create extraordinary artworks and events. We Are Bristol has been developed in partnership with Up Our Street, Knowle West Media Centre, Ambition Lawrence Weston and UWE.

Neighbourhoods Speak Out

Using the simple power of words to make incisive interventions on Bristol’s streets

In the week leading up to the Summit, US artist Kameelah Janan Rasheed will work with local artists Dee Moxon, Shagufta K Iqbal and 30 women from the Bristol neighbourhoods of Easton/Lawrence Hill and Lawrence Weston.

Together they will develop texts that shout out the values and future vision of each person involved, using the simple power of words to make incisive interventions onto the city’s streets.

The resulting work will be exhibited around the city and on Day 3 at the Arts Mansion.¬†Kameelah’s work ‘How to Suffer Politely (And Other Etiquette)‘ will also be shown throughout the Summit at Arnolfini.

Neighbourhood Climate Action

Connecting generations, exploring spaces, discussing sustainability and what we need to flourish in an uncertain future

During the summer, In Between Time worked with local artists Jessie Edwards Thomas, Arts Enlarge and young people from Lawrence Weston to use creativity to learn about climate change.

We created a garden, planted edible foods and co-created sculptures from plastic waste to create a safe space for one of Bristol’s communities, whilst exploring sustainability and questioning what we can do to build a better future. Together we commit to continue the discussion around climate change and self-sufficiency.

The garden is available for people to see at St Peter’s Church, Ridingleaze, BS11 0QE.