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Version Control

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‘Who controls the past controls the future, and who controls the present controls the past.’ 1984, George Orwell

A group exhibition featuring Amalia Pica, Tim Etchells, Felix Gmelin, Rabih Mroue and others

Version Control explores performance in the expanded field of contemporary artistic practice. Rather than looking at performance solely as ‘live’ activity, the exhibition focuses on performance as a method of making the past present.

This ‘performativity’ is about the conscious moment of staging, the appropriating and re-visiting of images and other forms of representation. It touches on questions of archiving, historiography, subjectivity and ownership.

Version Control includes artists of different generations and traditions including visual art, theatre and digital culture, presenting film and video, painting, drawing, and sculpture.

A series of interventions and ‘performing objects’ will make the exhibition itself performative.

Version Control © Oliver Rudkin

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