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Too Late! (Antigone) Contest #2

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'...the biggest revelation this year is the ferocious Italian company Motus, whose Too Late! takes a series of well-worn parts… and plays them with such abandon and skill that they feel fresh.' New York Times

Compelling and intensely physical theatre from a company that takes-no-prisoners...

Too Late!  is a modern take on an ancient tragedy. Celebrated Italian company Motus reinterpret Antigone in typically fearless style. Sophocle’s themes of anarchy, state control and civil disobedience parallel current world events in this powerful and urgent piece.

Pierre Biner called Antigone “a tragedy of the too late”, where all the characters come to their senses only after irreparable actions. This contemporary reworking poses the question – is it also too late for us?

Too Late! (Antigone) Contest #2, Motus © Elena Zannoni

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