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In Between Time Recommends: Interventions/2 Films by Yoko Ono

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'One of the most vexing works of performance art of the 1960s, which now stands as a precursor to whole swaths of feminist and body-centered art.' THE GUARDIAN ON CUT PIECE

Ono is still an undervalued artist who, more than most, trusts her audience to do as they please. To make a painting, in a gallery or in your head. To cut out the sky. Even war is over, if you want it.

In Between Time is delighted to recommend Interventions/2 a series of films by artist and activist, Yoko Ono. The films play in rooms throughout the Georgian House, a Bristol townhouse built in 1790 by John Pinney, a wealthy slave plantation owner and sugar merchant.

Ono’s films include seminal works Cut Piece (1964/5), Eyeblink (1966), Freedom (1971), Fly (1970 directed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono) and Sky TV (1966/2019). Arising (2013)– a more recent work addressing gender abuse will also feature within the exhibition.

As part of the show visitors are invited to write their personal wishes for peace and solidarity and tie them to a tree branch. Wish Trees have been an integral part of many of Ono’s exhibitions around the world.

Interventions/2 is curated by Bristol based artist, composer, curator Jimmy Galvin.

For more information and exact opening times visit the Georgian House website.

Yoko Ono is a Japanese artist and musician, one of the world’s most influential practitioners of conceptual and performance art since the 1960s. She became internationally famous as the artistic partner and wife of musician John Lennon.

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