IBT and Colston Hall present...

Immersive music programme

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Electronic artist Max Cooper presents a live AV set following the release of his latest album, Emergence.

Linking his interest in science, music and visual arts together, Max has collaborated with a number of visual artists to incorporate many different ideas and audio-visual experiments into a single narrative. The result is an incredible filmic journey presented in the unique setting of the former IMAX at Bristol Aquarium in collaboration with At-Bristol Science Centre, accompanied live by Max’s expressive electronic compositions.

Alongside Max for this double-headline show is Rival Consoles, aka London-based producer Ryan Lee West, whose latest 6-track mini album, Night Melody, was born out of and shaped by long hours working into the night. It’s nocturnal in sound; mysterious in the way that the early hours so often are, and described by Pitchfork as “his most expressive and emotional music yet.”

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