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Heroes in the Aftermath

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Culture Cafe


Interested in the world around you?

Leading artists, thinkers and activists set provocations and open up conversations between you and others around the breakfast table.

Inspired by our programme, these discussions are open to everyone.

If there is any hope for the next generation, what does a new social contract between children and society look like?

Darren O’Donnell, Director of award-winning Canadian company, Mammalian Diving Reflex, and co-creator of Nightwalks with Teenagers; Sarah Shorrock, Junior Digital Producer at Knowle West Media Centre, an arts organization specializing in digital technology and community activism; and Rondene Vassell, Bristol’s Youth Mayor, and active advocate for young people’s participation in politics.


Culture Café is a series of three morning sessions:

Friday 13 Feb – Living with Uncertainty

Sat 14 Feb – Harnessing A Storm

Sun 15 Feb – Heroes in the Aftermath

Culture Cafe, Heroes In The Aftermath © Oliver Rudkin

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