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Tim Harbinson

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'Elemental, eerie, affirmative, harrowingly beautiful…another triumph for Green, a joy for the rest of us' The Herald

Evoking the lands of ancestors through the dance of drum and moustache

Born to a Scottish father (whom she met only once, aged sixteen), Green follows the mystery of her paternal line.

Accompanied by Tim Harbinson (drums) she draws on the energies and archetypes of her bloodline: the cathartic, intoxicating dances of the terra firma; the ancient warrior women painted and wild; the sadness of the songs, lost and forgotten and the complex psycho-geography of this land.

Fatherland celebrates the complex beauty of relationships and of realising one’s place in the world.

Banner Image- Fatherland, Nic Green © Oliver Rudkin

Other Images- Fatherland, Nic Green © Peter McMaster

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