Early Days (Of A Better Nation)

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'An important pointer to how theatre is developing' BBC

The revolution is over. How do you want to live?

It is time to start shaping your new nation. What are the rules you want to live by? Who leads you? Early Days (of a Better Nation)  is about the opportunity to start again.

Some extraordinary events have taken place in the past two years: Arab Spring, the England riots, Occupy and the Indignants. They have been shocking, thought-provoking and sometimes inspirational.

This large-scale, interactive work, combines theatre, a playing audience, live soundtrack and video to explore what it takes to build a better nation.

Early Days (of a better nation) is a work in progress performance.  Join us to share in the latest stage of development towards a full scale production in 2014.

Early Days of a Better Nation, Coney © Paul Blakemore

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