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Art of Begegnung Comes Tomorrow Slowly

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An exploration of violence, using dinner plates.

Artist O’Donnell works with hundreds of white dinner plates, meticulously stacking them until they tower above her head – the inevitable collapse creating a fragmented sculpture on the floor.

Part of the Violent performance series exploring the sound of the word violent and its imminent threat, rather than its physical force. The works draw upon past experiences of domestic violence.

Sinead recently led CAUTION, a ground-breaking project working with disabled artists to explore invisible disability as part of London 2012.


Fri 15 Feb 2013, 3-7pm. Arnolfini

This workshop is for women interested in exploring the themes of domestic violence, you will work with Sinead O’Donnell and 100 white plates over a 4 hour period. Workshop participants are invited to perform with Sinead on Sun 17 Feb.

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