Acts of Walking

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'When you give yourself to places, they give you yourself back.' REBECCA SOLNIT, WANDERLUST: A HISTORY OF WALKING

Reflective, generous, gentle, political walking is also an act of reflection, transition, story telling and community building.

Come rain or shine, meet at the Great Hall Courtyard.

Walk And Talk With A Stranger: Walk with someone you dont know. Walk for 10 minutes together in a direction you both choose. First they talk and you listen. Really listen. Walk back for 10 minutes and talk to them whilst they listen to you.

Slow Solo Walking: Take 20 minutes to walk slowly. Be alone; breathe deeply; listen to the space you are in; look around; study small, seemingly inconsequential things. Think about your feet hitting the ground, your heart pumping, your blood circulating. Return to the Mansion and immerse yourself back into the crowd.

Artist Led Misguided Walks produced by the artists in the In Between Time Summit. Pick up a walk and follow it. Who knows where you will end up.

Repeat As Many Times As You Choose.

This event is part of the In Between Time Summit Day 3 programme. The event is included in the 1-Day Ticket or 3-Day Summit Pass and cannot be booked separately.

Our host is Cathy Turner, Professor of Drama at the University of Exeter. Cathy specialises in the dialogue performances and performative actions have with their locations, particularly public spaces.

As a member of artists’ group Wrights & Sites, she has contributed to a series of ‘Mis-Guides’ – handbooks for critical and playful walking in city spaces, most recently The Architect-Walker: A Mis-Guide (2018). She has also written about the normative aspects of walking practices in relation to gender (with Deirdre Heddon, 2010, 2012) and cultural experience (2019).

Recently, she has been researching South Indian performance art, folk and ritual performances that engage with urbanisation, working with social and natural scientists at NIAS, Bengaluru. She is also beginning to write about the relationship between performance and gardens in India, the UK and Japan. Her interest in performance and architecture is reflected in her monograph Dramaturgy and Architecture: Theatre, Utopia and the Built Environment (Palgrave 2015). She also collaborated with Synne Behrndt on Dramaturgy and Performance(Palgrave, 2016, 2nd edition), which examined the concept and practice of dramaturgy in the 21st century UK.



IBT13, Fiksdal Langgard Becker, Night Tripper © Oliver Rudkin

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