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A String Section

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‘Haunting, beautiful, dramatic’ The Guardian

A symphony for saw and chair

Five empty wooden chairs stand in a row. We (the audience) wait. Five women walk in carrying handsaws. They each stand beside a chair, bow and take a seat.

They start to saw into the legs of the chairs that they sit on. Each has her own rhythm, her own style. The piece ebbs and flows, rises and falls. The audience is free to come and go, though it’s pleasing to stay where we are. They finish up and leave. Only the lopsided chairs, bits of wood and the sawdust remain.

Part of the Opening Night of IBT13. Join us at the Festival Hub at 6 pm, and follow us to Arnolfini for Reckless Sleepers and Tim Etchells.

Image- A String Section, Reckless Sleepers © Delia Spatareanu

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