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27 – An Ecstatic Ritual of Life and Death

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Peter McMaster’s award winning  IBT15  show tours to  Trinity Centre, Bristol.

Peter McMaster, and co-performer Nick Anderson, reflect on their experience of approaching and moving through the infamous age of 27. Through the process of unashamedly unpacking their autobiographies they establish a strikingly visceral poetic that explores this milestone and juncture between youth and maturity, movement and change.

Trying to understand how life is never fixed, these two performers push their bodies towards exhaustive extremes, inhabiting moments of pain, grief and elation, transforming the threat of untimely death into an explosive celebration of being.

Honest, inventive and beautifully choreographed The Guardian

27 was first presented at IBT15 and was presented at The Place, London, as part of Forest Fringe microfestival. It is currently being produced by IBT and was developed with support from The Arches, Glasgow.


Peter McMaster is an IBT Wild Card Award Winner.

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