IBT15 Bristol International Festival

Enter The Storm

12 - 15 FEB 2015


Meet the impassioned, the virtuosic, the driven, the unheard.
IBT15 is our 6th major biennial, and as we continue to grow, is our first as Bristol International Festival.
In this festival we celebrate Art as a powerful force for change. Over 50 art works from the world’s most exciting artists surge across arts venues, streets, gardens, stately homes and major thoroughfares.
Theatre, dance, live art, activism, songs, clubs, night walks and take-overs reveal the power to make change that lies in each of us.
Join us and become part of the storm.

Helen Cole
Artistic Director, In Between Time

Two figures sit on the floor, one dressed in feathers the other dressed in plain clothing and a red scarf.

IBT15 Festival

IBT15 celebrated art as a powerful force for change. Foregrounding the urgency of Climate Change, the festival brought together artists & audiences from 33 countries