Emily Snow winner of the IBT17 Student Prize

Written by Emily Snow

Emily Snow winner of the IBT17 Student Prize from Leeds Beckett University

I am a current third year Contemporary Dance student at Leeds Beckett University. Whilst studying practical technique, I am particularly interested in scholarly writing and the premise surrounding dance and enterprise including; project management, producing and marketing. Throughout my study, I have been an ambassador for One Dance UK, the UK’s national body of dance and I am actively involved with performance companies and in my spare time, am an avid writer and enjoy practicing film and photography.

I am overwhelmed to be given the opportunity to experience In Between Time festival, I have heard wonderful things about the event from my university lecturers and professional artists and I am increasingly interested in the creative events that will be occurring. I have a strong desire to continuously learn and to better myself, therefore having a chance to see a wide range of work will allow me to expand my knowledge and practise. The chance to liaise with professionals from all over the world will allow me to create valuable networks and contacts that will be advantageous for when I reach my graduation.

I am particularly looking forward to seeing Woodland by French and Mottershead, Winter by Quarantine and experiencing the Immersive Music Programme. I am interested in these works particularly because of the fascination I have in learning about new things. I wish to allow myself to expand and grow and immerse myself into the unknown, learning beyond what I thought I was ever capable of.