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A photo of a figure kneeling in a dark space, on a dark reflective floor, lit by blue lights


In Between Time’s 9th International Festival, IBT21 THE RUPTURE celebrates the hope, resilience, leadership and incredible creativity of artists.


Helen Cole writes from Brazil

IBT's Artistic Director/CEO, Helen Cole, writes about presenting her work Breathe in Rio de Janeiro at the time of the…

Two men about to leap on stage. With IBT17 logo. Video

IBT17 Bristol International Festival - Round Up Video

On 8-12 February 2017 In Between Time delivered its most successful festival yet. Taking the theme Stand Up Stand Out exceptional…

Crowds of people gathering to hear Helen Cole; Artistic director of IBT's speech at the opening night of IBT17 Blog

IBT17 reflections from Helen Cole

In the development of IBT17 we looked out into our world; a world kicking and screaming towards change. IBT17 gathered…


Student prize winner Emily Snow reflects on IBT17

In Between Time was a whirlwind. I tried time and time again to articulate how I felt about each performance…


Student prize winner Victoria Williams reflects on IBT17

Experiencing IBT17 for five full days and nights, attending at least twenty-five talks, performances and conversations, I felt incredibly immersed…


Student prize winner Simon Froud reflects on IBT17

There has been moments in this IBT17 festival where I have returned to the question at the opening symposium, “How…