LGBT History Month

Written by Daryn Carter

Each year February is recognised as LGBT History Month, a chance to remember and reflect on our history and the history of gay rights and other civil rights movements. It is a chance for us to look at how far we have come but to also see how far we still have to go.

There are LGBT+ people who have grown up in a society that branded them criminals, lived through harmful laws and legislation like section 28, seen nail bomb attacks or experienced prejudice and hatred for their whole lives, simply for being who they are and loving who they love. We need to remember where we have come from and ensure things like this never happens again, but we also have issues we still need to tackle.

We live in worrying political times and LGBT History month is a reminder for us to work hard to ensure that the rights we have fought so hard for remain in place and that we all keep fighting for equality, for all. It can often feel darkest before the dawn but not here in Bristol because we have 5 days of exciting performances before The Dawn.


Bristol Pride is proud to be collaborating with In Between Time this year. It’s great to see amazing LGBT+ talent throughout the festival, exploring issues affecting our community and showcasing community and tackling stigma. Whilst there are so many great performances to look forward to be sure to check out:

OUT by Rachel Young challenging homophobia within Caribbean communities

Cuncrete by Rachel Clerke because what’s not to love about a drag king punk-rock musical… oh and cement.

and LOST In TRANS- with Dickie Beau is a must see.

For more information on the work that Bristol Pride does throughout the year, their LGBT History Month activities and the Bristol Pride Festival this summer then visit