Author: Georgia Bate

A photo of a figure kneeling in a dark space, on a dark reflective floor, lit by blue lights


In Between Time’s 9th International Festival, IBT21 THE RUPTURE celebrates the hope, resilience, leadership and incredible creativity of artists.

A photo from NIghtwalks with teenagers. An audience look over Bristol from a hill at nighttime.

Our Response to COVID-19

We send out the strongest possible message of solidarity to our friends, partners, artists and colleagues who have been affected…

Two women stand together on a stage, smiling as they catch water in a cup. A man stands next to them also colding out a cup. They all look quite grubby. Interview

Q&A with Alyssa Simmons

'I'm looking forward to engaging with other producers and learning what motivates and inspires them...'…

Kirstin Shirling holds up a section of a geodome which is being put together Interview

Q&A with Kirstin Shirling

'I believe in the power of theatre as a vessel to cultivate dignity, instigate dialogue and make change.' Read our…

Martha King, producer farm participant, sits at a table with five others who are listening and writing on big pieces of paper Interview

Q&A with Martha King

'The current political and economic climate is challenging us all – however, I feel these challenges are forcing people to…

Anastasia takes a selfie with the cast of Louise Interview

Q&A With Anastasia Witts

'The arts have a purpose in society to help us process and engage with the reality in which we live..'…