Patrick Wolf – S.O.S. (Sermon of Soil)


In the winter of 2014, producers In Between Time invited Patrick Wolf to stay in a gothic mansion belonging to the National Trust (Tyntesfield near Bristol) as part of the Night Songs project.

Wandering around the house at night after the visitors had left, Patrick began to research and immerse himself and his imagination in the stories of the place.

“Tyntesfield was an intense looking glass I stared into, and I’m very grateful for what came back, as overwhelming as it seemed some nights wandering room after room through four generations of history.” “In a way, that’s what I hope more people will do one day with National Trust properties, to go and project their own imagination into the space and see what comes back at them.”

Courageous collaboration brought arts producers In Between Time, Patrick and the National Trust's contemporary arts programme together on a journey of discovery.

Patrick penned S.O.S (Sermon of Soil) inspired by the stories and people he unearthed during the residency, even commissioning the building of an organ to echo an instrument once held at the Tyntesfield chapel.

Raised in London, but always drawn to historical and dramatic landscapes, Wolf discovered a deep affinity for the National Trust during the project.

“The National Trust has protected so much of our country from being knocked down and turned into another concrete shopping centre.” “I will always have a huge place in my heart for Godrevy in St Ives bay. I went on a walk there 10 years ago whilst writing my second album, and the landscape, the spirit of that place had a life-changing, even life-saving effect on me.”

S.O.S (Sermon of Soil) is performed here at Osterley House, London as part of the Night Songs tour 2015.

Night Songs is commissioned by In Between Time & National Trust, Trust New Art, with support from Arts Council England.