Day 1 round up film of the #IBTsummit

#IBTsummit Day 1: Whose Voices Are We Hearing?

In the certain knowledge that a better future is one in which we will all have an equal right to speak and be heard, Day 1 brings us together, widens the voices we are hearing and the stories we are telling.

Beginning with a panel discussion To Whose Voices Should We Be Listening? led by Diversity Consultant Kamaljit Kerridge-Poonia, exploring truths and tactics for change.

‘It’s not enough for artists and arts workers from BAME backgrounds to have a seat at the table now: let’s delve deeper to ask, how does this table operate? Does it serve the requirements of people from marginalised communities? If the table is not fit for purpose, is a change in the construction of the table required? Or is a table necessary at all?!’ Dr Cecilia Wee, Curator/Researcher & IBT Creative Exchange Lab Mentor

Video and film still (c) Sam Irving