Day 3 round up film of the #IBTsummit

A tiny transition, an exodus from the city in which to come together, reflect, recharge. For the future…

On the last day of the In Between Time Summit we offer a tiny retreat from the city to the Ashton Court Estate known as the great lungs of the city.

Recognising the need to sustain ourselves for the times that are upon us, Day 3 takes over the incredible spaces of the Arts Mansion at Ashton Court. This public, semi-derelict 11th Century Manor House and its surrounding 580 acres of gardens and deer park is our playground for the day.

Artworks, walking, talking, listening, eating, thinking, pampering. The mansion has been home to the Summit’s Creative Exchange Lab. Day 3 also offers the opportunity to hear from these resident artists, to experience some of their work and ideas.

Film (c) Sam Irving