People of Bristol, help us make a new international dance work for our city

Are you living in Bristol? Do you have a story you would like to tell?

Choreographer Rita Marcalo and her dance company Instant Dissidence, are making a new dance for Bristol and they want YOU to be part of it.

Do you have a connection – deep or tenuous – to Sweden, Denmark or France?

Rita and her company of dancers are embarking in an epic journey across Europe, travelling by land and sea. As they approach Bristol they will pass through Sweden, Denmark and France, performing as they go. We are looking for Bristol people with stories to tell about these countries. When they arrive in Bristol on June 18, they will perform a dance for our city based on the stories you tell.

This is a new kind of dance work that puts the planet and its people first. A kind of choreography created with the people they meet along the way. A dance work that acts like a set of travelling postcards to share their journey with us.

Do you have a story to tell?

If you live in Bristol and have a connection with Sweden, Denmark or France, we’d love to hear from you. Perhaps you lived, studied or fell in love there. Did you learn something new, discover your favourite thing? Did you cry, laugh or dance wildly there? Perhaps you have a story belonging to someone you know?

How to apply?

We are seeking three storytellers, one from each country.

Please fill out the form below. It is an opportunity to tell us a bit about yourself, and the tale you would like to tell. If your story is selected, you will be asked to write a letter and send a voice note. Selected Storytellers will be paid EUR100 and invited to join us as our guest for the show.

Thank you!

Apply to be a Storyteller

Important dates

Deadline for application: 3rd April

Letter and voice note sent to Rita: Monday 8th April

  • About the artists

    Instant Dissidence tour the world in a responsible way and seek stories and connections as they go. 

    The work Instant Dissidence produce is centred around climate change and activism. These self-professed art-ivists work hard to reduce the environmental impact of their work, including travelling slowly and sustainably, living consciously and working with partners that do the same.  

    In October 2018, the same year the United Nations warned that we have 12 years to make vital changes to avoid a climate and biodiversity catastrophe, Instant Dissidence made a pledge. They committed to spending the next 12 years making 12 works, each acting as a mirror (and warning) to society as to whether or not we are moving in the right direction.

    Slow Mo is their sixth work against climate change. You can find more of their work here.

Main image by Jemma Stein

Video footage by Cristina Tavares and Amber Bosteels and Rita Marcalo