Producer Farm: Q&A with Marine Thévenet

Marine Thévenet (Paris, France) works with artists and venues to make creative and transformative projects happen. Find out what Marine is hoping to gain from Producer Farm, a week-long residency (26-30 June) for performing arts producers to get together, get informed and get away.

Why did you apply for Producer Farm?

Today, I feel the need to reflect on my practice, to learn from my peers and to confront creative solutions. I am in a moment of change and transition. Living in France after 8 years in the UK, I would like to start to link together all those layers of experiences together in order to find commons and outlines for future collaborations. Getting some breathing space in our back to back practices as producers.

What are you hoping to get out of it?

Elements of reflection on my own practice, but more precisely on how to define my future, and tie things together.

Distance to my everyday practice in order to look at it differently.

Take things into consideration.

See what I can’t see by myself.


Marine works with artists and venues to make creative and transformative projects happen. Her interests focus on art in the city, community, and international collaboration. She works in France and the UK, with partners including Artsadmin London, La Serre-Arts Vivants Montreal, Festival des Arts Bordeaux and L’Amicale de production Lille/BXL.

Up To Nature, Zierle and Carter © Oliver Rudkin