Producer Farm: Q&A with David Sheppeard

David Sheppeard (Brighton) is a producer at the Marlborough Theatre and a theatre artist. Find out what David is hoping to gain from Producer Farm, a week-long residency (26-30 June) for performing arts producers to get together, get informed and get away.  

Why did you apply for Producer Farm? I applied for Producer Farm to have some time to think about what it means to be a producer. After nearly ten years of doing it, I am so caught up in the exciting challenges and turbulence of running a space and working with artists it can be tricky to get time to reflect.

What are you hoping to get out of it? Peace and quiet!  I am really looking forward to meeting the group and hearing some new perspectives and ways of working.

What do you think is important about the producing you do? I am super proud of the collaborative way we work at the Marlborough and I have a massive amount of love and respect for Tarik, Abby and Ema (Team Marly). Recently, we presented the work of Cassils (Becoming an Image) in Brighton, which was a big challenge for us and a dream come true. The work totally spoke to the queer community we serve, which was really gratifying.


David Sheppeard delivers high-profile cultural and heritage projects, focused on presenting work in public space and unusual contexts. He has produced with Brighton Fringe, The Nightingale, ArtsAgenda and development of The Spire, a new large scale arts development space for Brighton’s independent sector.

2012 Up To Nature, Zierle & Carter ,Red Shoes, (c) Oliver Rudkin