A weekend of forests and wild imagination

IBT Wildness celebrates the idea of ‘acting wild’ inviting us to become attuned to each other, and the environment we are such an integral part of. It ignites all kinds of wild creativity and plants a new root system from which a future of new artworks, ideas, collaborations, festivals, programmes and events will grow.

In 2022 IBT WILDNESS was:

Brazilian artist Clarice Lima, with her team Catarina Saraiva, Aline Bonamin and Nina
Fajdiga, worked alongside a cast of amazing local performers. Using only the power of
headstands and big beautiful costumes, they created a metaphorical forest both fragile
and resilient amidst the concrete and glass of Broadmead.

"There is a feeling of a utopian statement of coexistence between bodies being made. I think of an analogy with how trees operate in nature, distributing resources and nourishment for those that need them the most." Koshik Zaman, C - print on WOODS

Some People Climb Up

Sylvia Rimat’s Some People Climb Up invited you to become forest divers in the beautiful surroundings of Leigh Woods using a bespoke geo-located app. Likening the forest ecology to our own neural networks, Sylvia guided audiences to dig into the soil and explore the tree canopy, both real and imagined.


Instant Dissidence’s SlowMo, an incredible dance travelogue through Bristol’s streets.
Beginning at Nelson Street, SlowMo was inspired by the artists’ epic 8-week journey across Europe to Bristol by train, making new content as they travelled inspired by the people and places they met along the way.

A huge thank you to you the audience who went wild with us. To the artists, the talented local people who became the cast of WOODS, our wonderful stewards and incredible freelance crew. To Kathy Hinde and Matt Olden for soundtracking our opening night with spatialised bird sounds, and to our funders and partners: Arts Council, Bristol City Council, Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Finally an extra special thanks to IETM/Perform Europe who initiated and supported the sustainable and caring production and touring of Slowmo and Woods and to partners Bristol Festival of Nature, Forestry Commission, and Trinity who helped us make it all happen.

Watch the IBT WILDNESS film here