The world needs to change, so we’re changing

In Between Time shares a new kind of festival for a new kind of world

From 2022, In Between Time will present a vibrant annual programme that builds towards a festival like no other in 2026. 

This radical programme of live art, gatherings, provocations and learning will centre care for the environment and care for each other. As the world burns, we see no other way. |

The seeds of this annual programme will form the roots of an entirely new kind of live art festival in 2026, growing up from a fertile ground co-created with artists, local people, community groups and environmental agencies. Beginning in Bristol this festival will reach out through its micellular networks across the South West region, the UK and the world over the next four years to culminate in an incredible international festival that ignites us all and reflects the delicate biodiversity of our world and our times.


An Act of Resistance

This new In Between Time festival is an act of resistance, it is a caring and a renewed approach to festival making, giving space and time to artists and art workers as the thought leaders and change-makers we know they are. 

We begin to sow the seeds of a live art forest in 2022. We will explore the potentials of a new world, face climate change head-on and reimagine what a festival can be. We can’t tell you the full story yet, mainly because we don’t know it yet, we’re writing it together. The next four years will morph as ideas and challenges arise. We can tell you this: In Between Time will:

  • Collaborate with you on radical live art
  • Invest in the work of developing live art artists
  • Centre environmentalism and care in all we do
  • Work in forests and wilderness, inside and outside mainstream art spaces 
  • Create unusual artistic experiences with people in their streets, homes and gathering places 
  • Create intergenerational communities of artists and co-creatives in our city and beyond 
  • Create opportunities for creativity, curation and art-making, with more people.

What To Expect from IBT in 2022


A change making programme of radical live art will see WOODS take to the stage in Bristol city centre to alter your view on everything. Instant Dissidence’s Slow Mo dances towards us through Europe, collecting tales to astound you along the way and Sylvia Rimat beckons you deep into the forest to rethink all you know.


The flourishing IBT Artist Seed Fund continues as we invest in the work of XX artists to grow their art, in the way that suits them. As ever, we will work long-term with artists, creating a space for understanding and evolution. Our residencies will spread across the South West and act as gathering spaces, exhibition halls and talks to spread further the roots of live art. Discoveries of the ROOTS programme will inform our Enter The Forest programme for years to come.


FOREST WAKE THIS GROUND, an international exhibition curated for Enter the Forest by Arnolfini. The exhibition gathers together the voices, words, and marks left by the human hand of artists, writers, and composers, celebrating the multitude of interconnected layers that exist above and below the forest floor.