Announcing In Between Time’s exciting new chapter…

Written by Helen Cole

Welcome to the In Between Time Summit

What is the role of the festival at the end of the world?

2019 represents an exciting new chapter in In Between Time’s life as a producer of local, national and international live art.

We’ve spent almost 20 years developing festivals in and for Bristol. Our last, IBT17, welcomed 1000s of people to a programme showcasing the best of British live art to the world.

Our next step is the In Between Time Summit on 11-13 October 2019.

Globally people are demanding a better future. Art has never needed to be more vital, relevant and alive.

The In Between Time Summit is our response. Burning with desire for change.

Pioneering a new way of gathering, join us for artworks, conversations, workshops, film screenings, music, marches and resistance.

For artists, citizens, curators, activists, policy-makers, thinkers, mavericks, dreamers, humans.

Forged with partnership and future sustainability in mind. Seeking new ways to heal the deep fractures in our society, in combatting intolerance through creativity. Interactive, stimulating, urgent, unmissable. Led by women, focusing on the urgent issues of our day.

Not regular, not formulaic, not like anything, anywhere else. Happening because it has to, not because it ought to. Rising up with a purpose from the place and the community that spawned it.

2018 has been a catalytic year for In Between Time.  We looked out at a world that is broken.  We listened to and heard hundreds of local people through our We Are Bristol programme. We learned from our international colleagues producing art in a complex world. We created new work in Brazil where the basic freedoms – to be who you are, to love who you chose, to say what you think – are under threat. We created new work in Bristol with 130 women and girls. We worked with the campaigning charity Bristol Women’s Voice on the Deeds Not Words programme to mark the Centenary of Women’s Suffrage.

If you want to go fast walk alone… if you want to go far walk together.

Rooted in partnership and inspired by a spirit of generosity we have located the In Between Time Summit in October 2019.  Nationally and internationally, October is an excellent month for collaboration and opening up new opportunities.

The In Between Time Summit builds on all of this.

Continuing our commitment to Bristol as a city in which 91 languages are spoken. Looking at everything afresh. Building a strong, inclusive and resilient artistic programme in a time of austerity. Investing in a programme of intimacy and depth to deliver on our contract of care. In a global political climate where the distance between ‘us’ and ‘them’ is becoming more deeply divided, working in partnership to create a vibrant interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of ideas. Alive to the urgency of gathering and responsive to the issues of our time. Asking questions about what it means to be an individual with strong convictions in a country that appears to be isolating itself from others, in a world divided. The In Between Time Summit believes the simple act of coming together – of talking and listening – is one of the most profound and radical tactics of art.

Together we commit to gather, to listen, to speak out, to break out, to subvert, to erupt, to tell the truth. To use art to change the world.

Together RISE UP.


Helen Cole, Artistic Director/CEO In Between Time


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